ILF Executive Board 


“ILF is committed to developing competent leaders of integrity who are passionately committed to spearheading selfless and productive
transformation in all spheres of society in Africa and beyond.”

Dr. Delanyo Adadevoh
Founder and President
International Leadership Foundation


“Throughout the world there are differences of religion, culture, economics, education, natural resources and many other forms of diversity. The constant is the need for principled leadership that results in societal change for the better. Whether a village, city, country or continent, what is more important to the well being of a people? The International Leadership Foundation provides unique leadership training based on a clear moral vision that builds leaders from the inside out, for the vital task of societal transformation."

Mr. Tim Brandt
ILF Global Board


“In Africa, we need leaders who are transformed and who want to transform others. Our desire in ILF is for leaders to stand for good, speak the truth, and have compassion for one another.”

Dr. Kwabena Darko
Chairman, ILF Africa Board

“The work of the ILF addresses the fundamental issues that will determine the success or failure of any organization whether a private business or a national government. The ILF exists to promote and support leadership founded on solid moral and ethical principles which is transformational in its effect and provides the basis of building a future where people dare to hope.” 

Ed Bjurstrom
Ret. Chairman-ILF Global Board
International Leadership Foundation

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