The Foundation's History


The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) holds the view that institutions and nations around the world can be positively transformed by discovering, developing and empowering leaders of integrity.

Most leaders in government, business, education, religion and media agree that improved leadership is an essential part of economic, political and social development. Since 2002 leaders involved with ILF have worked to strike a balance between theoretical and practical models of leadership. This has resulted in a leadership movement that is helping leaders develop new paradigms and resources based on their particular context.

ILF's work encourages societal transformation through a leadership development approach that is holistic in nature. This leadership development model integrates a leader's personal, relational and professional life. 

In 2002, Dr. Delanyo Adadevoh founded the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) in direct response to the needs for developing leaders of integrity in Africa and the world. ILF has its global headquarters in Accra, Ghana. It is currently operating in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. There are initial works in the United States and Europe.