Seminars (TLGS)


This professional seminar series is designed for leaders

in government, business, education and the church.

Watch the video below to learn more about
Transforming Leadership and Governance Seminars
and how effectively they equip leaders
with the skills they need to help bring
about societal and national transformation.  




  • Helping leaders understand the transforming leadership paradigm

  • Helping leaders exercise effective leadership and bring positive
    change to their spheres of responsibility and involvement

  • Equipping leaders as effective coaches who are leading transformation

  • Creating a community of coaches who are developing effective transforming leaders

The TLGS comprises of multiple levels of basic training and an advanced coaching training.


In order to qualify as a ILF-certified coach, one must successfully attend TLGS levels 1-3 and TLGS-Advanced Coaching. 

In addition, one must submit: 

  1. application papers from each of the levels of TLGS
  2. organizational audit
  3. personal life-map

An ILF-certified coach must be coaching others in his or her circle of leadership influence.