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Africa has no greater challenge than the need for leaders of integrity with the competencies to lead transformation of all areas of society. In addressing this need, it is critical that the youth of today are not left to grow with the same problems that have brought the continent to where it is today. 

To break this cycle of crises, it is important to help the young Africans, especially those of high school age, to understand how to lead change towards a better future. 


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For more information about Y2L and LADS, contact:


Victor Manyim, ILF Director
Young Leaders League (Y2L)

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 Leadership and Development Studies Curriculum (LADS)


The LADS (Leadership and Development Studies) Curriculuminitiative aims to develop a special curriculum on leadership and development for youth in secondary educational institutions across Africa.The LADS curriculum was designed by African specialists for use by the Young Leaders League (Y2L), which is already underway in Cameroon in partnership with multiple schools in Yaounde. A number of government leaders involved in education have also expressed interest in using the curriculum in countries such as Ghana and Uganda. Presently the LADS curriculum consists of 22 fully developed outlines, with lesson topics such as: 

Culture & LeadershipIdentityIntegritySacrificial LeadershipConsensus Building and Change Leadership.

The lessons are geared towards high school age youth and are being field-tested in Cameroon.The curriculum was finalized in 2010 and is being presented to various government and educational leaders who have expressed an interest in developing young African leaders.